Main challenge & Idea generation
• There is a start-up boom globally and Greece is no exception
• Tech companies are busy developing the digital side of their business neglecting the human
• SMEs count for 70% of the total Corporate in Greece
• Hiring the right resources for SMEs is even more crucial it is even more crucial hiring the right resources for SMEs than for large corporations
• Consulting companies are too expensive and so are recruiting agencies
• Is there a viable alternative that can give SMEs the combined experience of a consulting firm and a recruiting agency and act as the in-house HR department?

Today SMEs have to overcome a series of challenges regarding talent:
• the shortage of qualified personnel
• A bad hire may cost an organization about 1.5 times more that person’s salary in replacement costs?
• Vacancies may cost significant amounts to the organization in lost productivity and revenues; yet, the largest cost will be the lost opportunities of not reaching the maximum of their potential.

Our Value proposition:

Virtual HR manager  in the digital era
•    Blends in-house recruiting and HR department, recruiting agency and boutique consulting firm.
•    Specializes in the provision of Talent services in small medium companies and start-ups.
•    Brings experience in management, IT and HR both in-house and in consulting firms.
•    Companies may have to move on from relying only  to one person to a solid virtual professional management team that will support the organization and ensure the company’s sustainable growth through efficient organization structure, lean operating processes and appropriate governance model.

Virtual recruiter & Career advisor
•    Conduct all of the recruiting, pre-employment screening, candidate interviewing and placement of new employees
•    Assists individuals with job search, interview phase and career advice