Mission & Vision

Main challenge & Idea generation
• There is a start-up boom globally and Greece is no exception
• Tech companies are busy developing the digital side of their business neglecting the human
• SMEs count for 70% of the Corporate total in Greece
• Hiring the right resources for SMEs is even more crucial than large corporations
• Consulting companies are too expensive and so are recruiting agencies
• Is there a viable alternative that can give SMEs the combined experience of a consulting firm and a recruiting agency and act as the in-house HR department?

SMEs today have to overcome a series of challenges regarding talent:
• the shortage of qualified personnel
• A bad hire can cost an organization about 1.5 times that person’s salary in replacement costs alone
• Vacancies can cost the organization significantly in lost productivity and revenues; yet, the largest cost will be the lost opportunities, not reaching the maximum of their potential.

Value proposition: Virtual HR manager in the digital era
• Blends in-house recruiting and HR department, recruiting agency and boutique consulting firm.
• Specializes in the provision of Talent services in small medium companies and start-ups.
• Brings experience in management, IT and HR both in-house and in consulting firms.
• Companies may have to move on from relying only on to one person for all critical decisions to a solid virtual professional management team that will support the organization and ensure the company’s sustainable growth through efficient organization structure, lean operating processes and appropriate governance model.
What we do

Corporate transformation of SMEs in order to meet growth and long term sustainability in today’s turbulent economic environment is a huge challenge.
To enhance their effectiveness in a dynamic industry, many companies will have to address and review critical people and organizational issues, as listed below:

Organizational structure
Recruiting & Staffing
Succession plan development
Human Resources processes improvement
Acquisition & Retention of skilled people
Performance management
Training & development
Office personnel responsibilities and job descriptions
Corporate governance


The power of our team lies in the quality of our people, sharing of ideas, and our commitment to clients and each other. We are proud of our:

broad-based business consultants who specialize in integrating people issues with business strategy
Strong industry knowhow
Results driven mentality
Fully engaged team
“Roll up our sleeves” collaborative style
Proven capabilities to serve diverse clients and industries
Commitment to knowledge transfer

Focus on : SMEs , startups, small medium enterprises

Industries: Hospitality, Pharma, Retail, Shipping etc.

Our team can help you plan, grow, and structure your business to address key issues such as strategy, operations excellence, HR and change management. It is our mission to enhance an organization's value through people. Our team consists of broad-based management & HR consultants who specialize in integrating people issues with business strategy