Getting your first job

Congratulations, you have graduated! And now what?
Are you going to embark on your first job search to kick off your career?
Sure you do! Isn’t that exciting? Yes.
Is it difficult? Of course it is!

It is the first time, most probably; you catch yourself facing your professional future and don’t know where to begin and what to do. And that is fine!

You most probably feel the pressure from peers; family, professors and friends, asking you what are you going to do with your life even long before you graduate.

Been there and done that, we say! Unfortunately, the pressure you feel sometimes is overwhelming and can lead you to a wrong decision. We don’t want that for sure!

That’s why we are here, not only as career advisors but because we have taken up a job that wasn’t a good fit for us and know already how it feels.

You should know what you are looking for in your first career move, in order to not end up in a place you eventually hate or a job without a clear career path.

How to select your first job after graduation:

  •   Don’t panic
  •   Take your time! Think about your priorities, what you have accomplished so far, what you know and where you want to excel.
  •   Don’t settle for a position that isn’t right
  •   Narrow down a list of companies you would like to work for
  •   Take a step back..literally…figure out what you are looking for in a position and a workplace
  •   Use career sites, talk with experts and people that already work for a company you aspire to or a position you are looking for
  •   Ask the right questions in interviews ….the more you ask, the more you know…
  •   Consider the company’s culture and environment
  •   Check out people and team dynamics
  •   Make sure you are heading to the right direction…have a 5 year plan and don’t be afraid to change it
  •   Remember each step you take in your career path, it’s a step that will help you in reaching your ultimate goals


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